CompEc 2023/2024

Computational Economics
Università degli Studi di Firenze


Official Syllabus from University of Florence website

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1. Introduction to Computational Economics

  • Notes on Income Expenditure Model

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2. Stylized Facts in Financial Markets

3. Notes on Python

4. Logistic Map

  • Python Scripts:

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  • Bibliography:

    1. Simple mathematical models with very complicated dynamics  (Robert May, Nature 1976)
    2. 2.Hommes, C. (2013), Behavioural Rationality and Heterogenous Expectations, ed. Cambridge University Press (Chapter 2)

5. Heterogeneous Fundamentalists and Imitative Processes

  • Python scripts:

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6. Two Dimensional System

7. The Discrete Choice Model

8. Heterogeneous beliefs and routes to chaos in a simple asset pricing model

9.  A Dynamic Exchange Rate Model with Heterogenous Agents

10. Network: An Introduction

11. Topology Measures

12. Asset price dynamics with heterogeneous beliefs and local network interactions

13. Interaction in Financial Markets